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The Sweet Sucker Punch

A Collection of Short Stories By Xavier Biggs

"A “sucker punch” is a punch that is unexpected and catches you off guard, and the term “sweet” in boxing slang means good, impressive or positive, and that’s why my book is entitled, “The Sweet Sucker Punch” because the reader is caught off guard by interesting, entertaining, inspirational and positive true stories of some of history’s champions and trainers, without smut or profanity or any degrading language. This family friendly collection of true memoirs are suitable for all ages.


The book contains stories about George Benton, the legendary Middleweight boxer from Philly. Benton became a world class trainer and went on to train such greats as Pernell Whitaker, Evander Holyfield, Meldrick Taylor, my brother Tyrell Biggs, and many more. Taylor was the youngest boxer to ever win a gold medal, and was a member of the greatest Olympic team in history. He went on to become a superstar as a professional, and engage in one of the most controversial fights in history, his match against the great Julio Cesar Chavez. My brother Tyrell was the first Olympic Super-heavyweight gold medal winner in history. He is also the only American to have ever held that title.


I've also shared my memories of Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts, known for his class and style. Watts, another Middleweight from Philly was able to defeat most of the elite fighters during the heyday of Philadelphia boxing. There are tales about the Junior Lightweight Champion, Panamanian Eusibio Pendroza and Mexican phenom, Julio Cesar Chavez. And more.


The book contains a part of my soul, because each of these icons were close to my heart in one way or another, and I share or shared close relationships with each of them. I was able to witness the character of these great men, their integrity and the stuff that made them develop into these boxing legends. I don’t want society to forget their greatness, and this book will serve as a tribute to their histories. I wrote the book, and am using the proceeds of the book, as a way to aid in my quest to bring these champions renewed recognition both in the US and internationally."


–Xavier Biggs



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